Foxglove is also for sale.

Foxglove is also for sale.

Postby ColinMcD » Mon Oct 19, 2020 1:17 pm

Hello all - it looks as if this is maybe the place at the moment to actually post this notice, which is to put the (slightly sad) news about in the community that Foxglove (56) which we bought through Bob Brown at the beginning of 2014 is now up for sale. We bought her through Bob's brokerage when her took her back in from her first owner (Foxglove is the very first UK-built Cape Cutter), and Randi and I have had wonderful summers every year since then on vacation on the Argyll coast and the waters around the southern Hebrides, and now this year we have - inevitably I suppose - moved up into ownership of a much larger boat which is going to be a more realistic way for a couple of oldies to extend their cruising horizons in that part of the world. And some might add "in that Scottish west coast climate" too!

We've had wonderful times with Foxglove - usually with a shore base at or near Tayvallich - getting to know the waters stretching from Gigha and Islay in the south to Mull in the north and out to Iona and Colonsay in the west, and of course it's not without regret that we are offering her for sale. We're going to miss that ability to go where no-one else can get in!

We live in Norway, so we have put her with the local broker who will be better able to deal with handling the practical side of things with any enquiries we may get, but if there is any interest from within or without the community I would of course be able to provide essential and practical material info. and supply the link to the appropriate brokerage web page (if that's necessary, as I'm sure it's easily googled!).

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Re: Foxglove is also for sale.

Postby erbster » Thu Oct 29, 2020 8:02 am

Hi Colin,
Sorry to hear that Foxglove is for sale, but of course circumstances change. Sounds like you’ve enjoyed a wonderful sailing region - it’s an area I’d like to visit with my own boat. All the best

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