Robyn Shortly Up for Sale

Robyn Shortly Up for Sale

Postby Pugwash » Thu Jan 30, 2020 6:48 pm

Dear All
not sure if this is the appropriate section to start this in, if at all.
The time has come for Robyn CC no 20 2002 to find a new home and skipper.

She currently resides in Port Argeles in the South of France not far from the Spanish border, Med side.
Keeping her there for the year on her trailer in a secure compound, with 4 x cranes in and 4x out (no launching) 4 weeks per year on a serviced pontoon in Port Argeles, secure car parking and full marina facilities in a lovely friendly port at €1050 p/a she could stay there.

Beautiful sailing ground but a little impractical for putting her up for sale, unless I hear otherwise of course. :)
I intend townig her back in the spring, revarnishing strakes etc and advertising her.
Happy to share spec which is comprehensive.

If you hear of anyone interested in purchasing her or would like more informationdrop me a note.

Moderators feel free to move or remove if you feel it is not appropriate to advertise her here.

Regards Pugwash.
AKA Simon Greiner.
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