Spinlock PXR Cam Cleats

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Spinlock PXR Cam Cleats

Postby NickC » Thu May 03, 2018 3:19 pm

Hi folks

Does anybody have difficulty with Genoa / Yankee sheets running free through Spinlock 8-10mm Cam Cleats?

I obtained new Spinlocks and second hand (10mm) sheets from Bob when I bought my refurbished boat but the lazy sheet did not run through free on tacking.
I replaced the sheets with new 10mm Marlow Doublebraid from local chandler, but this does not run free either.
When tacking I furiously have to pull the sheet through the Spinlock in order to be able to sheet it back in.

I am sure the sheets are 10mm under tension but the free ends seem to fatten up loafing in the cockpit!

I don't really want to go down to 8mm or change the cleats. Does anyone know of a better rope other than Dyneema that holds its shape / runs free ?

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Re: Spinlock PXR Cam Cleats

Postby Dennis » Fri May 04, 2018 11:21 am

Hello Nick

When my boat was new, the sheets ran freely through the Spinlocks.
After a few seasons use things got progressively less free.

I found that the innards of the Spinlocks were becoming clogged with "fur" off the sheets.

I asked Bob Brown about this, his answer was WD40, and it works for me.

Remove the sheet from the Spinlock, give the Spinlock a good squirt of WD40, wipe off the surplus, replace sheet. :D

I have to admit though that the 10mm genoa sheet supplied by HM is nearer to 11mm in diameter, it is marginal though the Spinlock. Also, my staysail sheet is now in it's 10th season and is getting a bit furry but it still runs though the (treated) Spinlocks.


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