New supply of Association burgees - May 2016

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New supply of Association burgees - May 2016

Postby Greybeard » Fri May 13, 2016 7:01 pm

I thought I'd do this as a new post so it attracted folks' attention. I have now got a fresh supply of 25 CC19A burgees. As before, they are available to members only at a subsidised price for the first one purchased.
I have been able to maintain the same pricing as previously, that being £10 for the first burgee and £15.50 for subsequent ones. Postage and packing is £2.50 for the UK though I think I should be able to send to Europe for pretty much the same price.
Anyone wanting to buy a burgee can PM me for details of how to pay - bank transfer, cheque or Paypal (as a gift payment) to my own account and I can then transfer the funds.
For those lucky folk attending the 2016 rally at Chichester, Dennis will be taking a supply with him :)

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