Any CC19s racing at Falmouth/Mylor?

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Any CC19s racing at Falmouth/Mylor?

Postby Max Rankin » Fri Sep 02, 2016 5:42 pm

Hi All - I'm waiting for an inshore shallow draft mooring at Falmouth (Cornwall UK), and I'm currently researching what small shallow draft boat would suit me best for day sailing and fun racing in that area. The Cornish Shrimper is the obvious choice as there are so many in the area. However, coming from a Hawk 20, I found the Shrimper I sailed safe and pleasant but unexiting. The CC19 sounds like it might be more fun to sail, and Mylor Y.C.'s website specifically states that you can sail the CC19 in their Shrimper racing class. I guess that means they have a common 'start' for Shrimpers and CC19s in pursuit races etc.. Does anyone know if any of the other Fal yacht clubs have active CC19s, or anything about sailing or racing a CC19 in that area please? Thanks, Max
Max Rankin
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Re: Any CC19s racing at Falmouth/Mylor?

Postby Dennis » Fri Sep 02, 2016 5:56 pm

Hello Max

One of our members (Richard Rickard) has his CC19 based at Mylor and regularly races with the Shrimpers.

I am sure that he will respond next time he logs in.

We held our 2014 rally at Mylor and participated in the club race, unfortunately there was no wind. :o


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Re: Any CC19s racing at Falmouth/Mylor?

Postby Richard Rickard » Sat Sep 03, 2016 4:39 pm

I keep my CC19 on a swinging mooring off Restronguet SC at Mylor. Mine is the only CC at Mylor, as far as I know. There used to be a couple based in St Mawes and another one across the Carrick Roads in St Just Pool, but I rarely see any of them these days, and never on the racing scene. I race with Mylor YC - weekly racing on Friday evenings plus pursuit races and other miscellaneous events available throughout the season. Initially I was placed in the 'gaffers' class, but after a bit of lobbying a couple of years ago supported by the head of the local Shrimper Owners Association group I now race in the Shrimper class - this applies to Mylor YC, Falmouth Classics (a brilliant event) and Falmouth Week. Mylor give me a slightly disadvantageous handicap against the Shrimpers, but the Falmouth events are level racing. In practice I find that we are evenly matched, and I am usually about one-third to half-way down the fleet. The Shrimper community is very clubbable with a strong group spirit (and has some seriously good sailors in it!). The bulk of the Shrimper fleet is based around Mylor, plus a few more over at St Mawes, and we usually muster around 10 boats on race night or for the village regattas. Incidentally we do have one or two Hawks about the place, but they have to race on pure handicap, whereas a Shrimper or CC19 offers you good level racing plus a nice social group.
I hope this is helpful. I am more than happy for you to follow up by email or ring me on 01326 374442 for more info.
Let me know how you get on,
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