Cape Cutter 19 for sale.

Cape Cutter 19 for sale.

Postby D.Stafford » Sat Mar 12, 2022 2:58 pm

For sale Cape Cutter 19 and Honnor Marine trailer.
Self build using the 'West System' epoxy marine-ply-epoxy construction method. Plans purchased from Dudly Dix 'Ida' was built to the plans and is identical to glass boats with the exception of the bowsprit mounting. The the rigging geometry is the same but the mounting of the bowsprit is traditional.(photos available).
Ida has sailed on Rutland Water by the builder since new (15 years) and is in the condition you would expect of an owner builder.
To quote from the completion survey.
' I have now completed the survey work on your Cape Cutter 19.It is a lovely, well constructed and fitted boat that I am sure will give you many years of pleasure'.
The completion survey, fittings and equipment details and photos are available to view by perspective buyers.

Ida has now been sold.
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