SA Trailer Bearing Specifications

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SA Trailer Bearing Specifications

Postby Arvid Pedersen » Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:14 pm

I have owned and sailed Hull # 35, Solstice since I bought her in 2003. She has been cruising the waters of Long Island Sound from Connecticut, and the Intercoastal and chain of islands on the east coast between Florida and Georgia.

As a new member and soon to be former owner of a Cape Cutter 19 in the USA (Amelia Island, Florida), I'm looking for any information owners could provide on the specifications and sources of wheel bearings and seal for the South African built trailer.

I am preparing the trailer for the new owner, and wanted to replace the wheel bearings and seals before the new owner picks it up, however I cannot find the inner bearing size after searching numbers of bearing retailers in the Southeast.

Would anyone have the size, mfg., part number etc. for the bearings and seals. Also if they are available from the US or even european sources?

Any help is much appreciated...
Arvid Pedersen
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Wheel Hub Bearing Specifications for the SA Trailer ?

Postby Arvid Pedersen » Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:53 pm

Hello all,
As a returning member of this forum, I'm hoping someone has found the proper specifications and sources for the trailer axle bearings and seal. I am one of the US owners of a Cape Cutter, and have had great difficulty in finding replacement bearings. If any of you have the part numbers it would be greatly appreciated, and if you know of sources in the US or UK, even better !


Arvid Pedersen

CC91#35, Solstice
Arvid Pedersen
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Postby Dennis » Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:28 pm

Hello Arvid

The old Yahoo forum had a drawing posted of the bearing and disc brake arrangements on the SA trailers.

I have sent you a copy as an e-mail attachment.

It gives the outer bearing as B30205 and the inner bearing as B30206.
The seal is OS38-62-7.

If you google these you will come up with some local suppliers.

PS. I have added the drawing to the "Modifications and Maintainance" of the CC19 Association website.


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