Towing vehicles

About the important piece of kit under your Cape Cutter 19 when on the road.....

Postby Dennis » Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:57 am

Hello Russell

Congrats. on the new "tug". :D

I hope it meets all your expectations.

You seem to have been unlucky somehow with your Freelander, there is no way a Touran should have outperformed it as a towing vehicle. :(

Incidently all current Freelanders have 420 Nm of torque (at 1750 rpm) whereas the Tiguan/Touran/Golf have 320 Nm (also at 1750 rpm).


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Postby SimonW » Fri Jun 07, 2013 1:37 pm

I am also waiting a test drive of a tiguan, seems a good compromise, but very car like when not towing.

I guess the questions is how critical 4wd is given that a good tow rope can provide some compensation on a very steep slip. The all up weight of the trailer and boat is not that much so I would have thought a decent two wheel drive (Rear of course) would manage fine.

For example an E class estate which is rated at 2000kg is meant to tow very well.

Is 4wd more of a comfort feeling than a necessity?
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Postby Ru88ell » Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:35 pm

It all depends how much towing you plan to do. If I was only taking my boat home for the winter I would pay someone to do it for me and not consider towing as a factor in car choice. If you really do plan to take your new boat places, (I hope you will) then it becomes a key factor, another key factor being where you'll launch.

I've launched on about 6 or 7 ramps so far, and reckon 4x4 would have been a must on a couple. That said, it's reassuring knowing you have it, and removes limitations. The Touran was fine on a few ramps, the FL2 was great too. But then another Simon took his to the South of France and back with a Vectra.
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Re: Towing vehicles

Postby Timbre 19 » Sat Dec 18, 2021 12:24 pm

Hi, Jörgen here, have now weighed my ply/epoxy CC19.

So far I have towed my ply / epoxy CC19 with an unbraked tilt trailer. It is legal with reduced speed as long as the car weighs more. And the garage
serves as a harbor, always trail the boat. The boat is always ready to sail, with sails on deck and the mast in the bolt resting on the boom gallow.

The tilt trailer works very well, but an 80 km / h trailer could be nice. Would it be possible to solve with my small awd car?
If not I probably refrain. The car is approved to pull 1500 kg at 80 km / h.

And surprised I read about very high towing weights in the forum and became unsure. But a GRP CC19 weighs more, but how much?

So I weighed the car first at a weighing station and then at home in the garage with a REICH cwc scale. ( Took max 1 liter of gasoline = insignificant ).
It differed 11 kg, 1371 kg - 1360 kg so I trust the precision. Then weighed the nosewheel and both wheels on the loaded trailer in the garage, 1365kg.
Subtracted the tilt-trailerweight, 250kg. The result become 1115 kg.

So with an 80 km / h 1500 trailer loading 1115 kg, it should be legal. Is there one? Bilge keels are missing (no tide) so a regular trailer works.
I always load fuel, water, provisions, personal equipment and the like in the car, the easiest I think.

Searched online and it seems to be solvable. Found two immediately. OCEAN 1500 (loads 1130 kg) and Respo 1500 (loads 1113 kg, hm, 2kg missing).
There are more robust ones on the market but they load less. Storing more in the car is then a solution.

So towing a “ready to sail” ply/epoxy CC19 in 80km/h with a small
awd car should be possible and legal if I have calculated correctly.

Addition 2021_12_20:
After weighing the boat, I received a tip that has now been implemented. Has replaced the conventional, oversized 20 kg battery from 2016.
It became a better fit with regard to the low consumption. A lithium battery (LiFePo) that weighs only 950 grams. Weight loss of 19 kg, almost inconceivable.

Addition 2021_12_30: Read in the forum how positive it is with low gear and awd when launching. Really agree. Using nowadays my small
awd car with low gear (and difflock). But in the beginning I used my much heavier Volvo which only has fwd but allowed to tow the
same weight. Did not work so well, especially if it was slippery on the ramp.
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