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Postby Ru88ell » Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:54 am

Hi Chris
Greece is a bit far for towing, but we are going to Lac de Cazeau, Sanguinet for two weeks in August.


We have a number of family friends all at the same location, so it is here that I plan to get Nicky onto the boat - and not before. Two weeks on somewhat sheltered waters with a large quantity of superb sandy beaches and lakeside restaurants with pontoons should do the trick!

The lake is 5600 hectares. Put 'Lac de Cazeau' in Google Images.

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Postby Ru88ell » Sat Jun 09, 2012 1:47 pm

Simon Head wrote:We really need to formalise a calendar for meets in 2011.

I would organise a cruise in Scotland in 2011 from Largs (Whit)- I will be sailing with my daughter (Son doing GCSEs).

Dependent on weather we could get to Arran (Holy Isle) then over to Cambletown and back up over the Butes to Largs, stopping at Lochranza on Arran on the way up. Even if the weather is a little inclement you can always have fantastic day sails in the Clyde due to the shelter that is offered. Another good one is to sail to Rothesay for the pitch and put or the teashop at the top of Cumbrae!

I would always start with day sailing followed by a cruise on a meet like this. The itinary would be determined by the experience of crews (and the weather at the time).

Its just nice to sail in company!

Any interest?



Having just sailed out of Largs for a week I think this would be a brilliant location for a Northern CC19 Cruise Week. I know it's a year on from when this event didn't happen, but is there interest to do it later this year or plan for next.

Maybe we should aim to have a Northern and Southern Cruise each year.
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