Strong winds

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Strong winds

Postby billy g » Sun Oct 11, 2009 3:52 pm

We sailed today in winds force 6 with gusts and found with 2 reefs and only one forsail we were still stuggling abit. We tried staysail and main, and we tried yankee jib and main. The staysail and main combination seem best, although upwind we were heeled over a fair way and occasionally had trouble tacking. I'm not sure if we could have had the sail set up better, or force 6 is just the limit of what a cape cutter can handle. Does anyone have experience of higher winds and any advice on strong wind tactics.
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Strong Winds

Postby Simon Head » Thu Oct 15, 2009 8:02 pm

I was out in a lower end F6 with gusts crossing over from Chichester to Cowes this Summer. I was on a beam reach most of the way with a single reef and staysail. Occassionally I had to spill wind but did not feel pressed- not many boats were out that day. (I am also 16.5 stone so that probaby makes a difference on the lee rail!)

I am suprised you were struggling with 2 reefs- unless you were pinching as close as possible up wind and you were actually out in near F7+ conditions. In these conditions the boat will heel. However in high winds remember that you have a third reef.

Tighten up on the lazy jack and drop the bridle halyard- this has the affect of pernamently spilling wind from the main.

Also bear off a little- remember if you are heeled over the boat is not achieving its most efficient sailing attitude.

If winds get up to become too much- bear off and head down wind- you can always carry more sail down wind.

Hope this helps

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