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Postby Jörgen Wallebäck » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:15 am


I use nearly always trailer, have no place for my boat in any port so far, and it works well with these modifications I have done.
A sunny day one want to sail as much as possible. So down and up in the water, as well as rigging and unrigging, should go fast and easy.

The boat is always in a minimal Garage when one not sailing. The mast is mounted on the Tabernacle and resting on the Boom Gallows.
Boom with Gaff + Main is also mounted + Lantern cable, locked Pelican hook on the Forestay. Both Shrouds mounted with locked
Turnbuckles, Foresails with their Furlers and Halyards in place and ready on Deck. Very comfortable and time-saving, but how
does everything fit under the lowered mast? See picture: Boat in Garage, "floating" Hinge on height adjustable Gooseneck.

Now little about the Mast Mate: after over 30 mast up and downs plus 14 passings under low bridges during 2017, I realized
that my Mast Mate prototype ( has been described earlier) worked very well. Even when you are single, quick and safe and without
Bowsprit involvement. The downside was that the Mast Mate not was divisible and a bit clumsy. So, therefore, I chosed to make this
uncomplicated variant in 3 parts of 25 mm and 30 mm stainless tubes. My little winch I kept plus the pivot bracket on the Mast.
The T-formed (Part 1) on the pivot bracket can always be in place. Believe that the picture and drawing over the Stainless Mast Mate explains.

Your welcome / Jörgen
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